The Ivanhoe Baptist church celebrated 100 years of gathering to follow Jesus together in September 2011. In the first four decades of its life the church grew rapidly and was very much a part of the life of the local community. Perhaps the most active period in the life of the church was during the 1950’s when Rev Tom Keat was pastor and the church was full to bursting and active in ministry.

Like many churches after the 1950’s Ivanhoe Baptist began a steady decline in numbers. This did not in any way diminish its ministry as a presence of the people of Jesus in the local community. Rather, as numbers declined the congregation became more concerned to listen for what God was calling them to do and to be. The call to become a church that is actively engaged in the life of the local community became more clear in the 1990’s and by 1998 the church had sold some property and used the proceeds to convert their old church building into a bright new Neighbourhood House.

The church articulated this new direction by calling itself A Church for the Community. The Livingstone Community Centre has become a vibrant and well used community facility that promotes physical, mental and spiritual health. The church today is a diverse group of people from many different ethnic and faith backgrounds. It is again growing in number and welcomes everyone, affirming where they are on the journey of faith and inviting them to continue the journey with the Ivanhoe Baptist community.

Mission Statement

We at the Ivanhoe Baptist Church seek to:

  • Show our love for God by following the way of Jesus, gathering in worship, sharing fellowship and hospitality;
  • Reflect that love in the community through service and mission;
  • Develop that love in people through the nurture of personal growth in faith and spirit.

Ivanhoe Baptist Church Covenant

Having discerned the call of Christ through the inner leading of the Holy Spirit, and having confirmed this outwardly through Baptism, the sharing of the Lord’s Supper and the Fellowship of Christ’s disciples, we covenant with God and each other to,

  • Love our neighbours and our enemies
  • Share the good news of Jesus Christ
  • Read the Bible and devote ourselves to Prayer
  • Discern the mind and way of Christ for us today
  • Offer welcome and hospitality to everyone, embracing differences
  • Behave in ways that build up the Body of Christ
  • Support the church by regular attendance and giving
  • Work for unity among Christians and all people of faith
  • Strive for justice, peace and full humanity for all people
  • Strive for justice and peace for the earth and all its ecological systems
  • Practice humility in all our relationships