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The Doors are Open

by Craig Wright

…so from this Sunday 20th June, you have a choice as how you join us as we celebrate Jesus together If joining us On-site: Meet at 10am at the Livingstone Centre Hall Current regulations require that you must: Wear a Mask at ALL times Register when you arrive NOT attend if you are unwell Maintain […]

Livingstone Community Centre

by Craig Wright

The Livingstone Community Centre is an Ivanhoe Baptist social enterprise and is a registered Neighbourhood House within the Banyule City Council.

The Buildings might be Empty but the Church is at Work

by Craig Wright

As the Government has requested, Ivanhoe Baptist Church (IBC) has closed its place of worship and the Livingstone Community Centre (LCC) has suspended its classes, groups, hall hire and all public gatherings. We are encouraging all our groups and people to comply with Government advice to manage the COVID-19 outbreak. Please observe social distancing, hygiene […]

We’re on this Sunday

by Craig Wright

March 22 at 10am The world’s shutdown but Ivanhoe Baptist Church is still meeting tomorrow. Join us as we celebrate God’s love. Yes there will be social distancing and there won’t be any morning tea, but there will be much hand sanitising and you’ll receive a very warm welcome…from an appropriate distance of course. Join […]