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Week of Prayer – Day 4

by Craig Wright

The question the Psalmist raises for us to pray today is so challenging, he reminds us to ask God if there is any offensive way in us. I don’t know about you, but this is a question I try to avoid, it’s not one that is the first on my prayer list.

Week of Prayer – Day 3

by Craig Wright

Test me and know my anxious thoughts. Sometimes we feel like being anxious, frightened or fearful is a bad thing, like we’ve failed in our walk with Jesus in some way. This may be true. Our fears may be due to some area of our life where we are not walking closely with Jesus. But it is just as likely to be more complex than that.

Week of Prayer – Day 2

by Craig Wright

Search me, God, and know my heart. While yesterday we began our week of prayer together by praying this Dangerous Prayer in its entirety, today, we want to begin to focus on one small section of it, as we will continue to do each day for the next four days.

Week of Prayer – Day 1

by Craig Wright

As we commence a week of praying together it is important to remember that these anxious, challenging and dangerous times provoke a variety of responses in people. Some will shrink back fearful of what might happen, some will mourn the loss of community, of the church physically gathering together week by week and others will try and seize with both hands the opportunities they see before them and commence new initiatives.

The Buildings might be Empty but the Church is at Work

by Craig Wright

As the Government has requested, Ivanhoe Baptist Church (IBC) has closed its place of worship and the Livingstone Community Centre (LCC) has suspended its classes, groups, hall hire and all public gatherings. We are encouraging all our groups and people to comply with Government advice to manage the COVID-19 outbreak. Please observe social distancing, hygiene […]

We’re on this Sunday

by Craig Wright

March 22 at 10am The world’s shutdown but Ivanhoe Baptist Church is still meeting tomorrow. Join us as we celebrate God’s love. Yes there will be social distancing and there won’t be any morning tea, but there will be much hand sanitising and you’ll receive a very warm welcome…from an appropriate distance of course. Join […]